Our History

What started humbly as a high school class project in 1984 grew steadily over time, thanks to the investments and hard work of countless passionate and dedicated individuals.
The Early Years
In 1984, Durham, NC local Mike Moylan turned his real-life problem into a high school project. The Georgetown soccer commit had the skill to play at a high level, but didn’t have the cleats and equipment to keep up.

His high school business project theoretically solved this problem - providing a pathway for those in the US to easily and affordably attain proper soccer gear. It was his class teacher who challenged him to turn his passion into a profession.

Mike’s family - with special help from his brother, Brendan (now COO of Sports Endeavors) - would band together to help make his idea a reality. A season of work in the summer would lead to a season of success in the fall, as Moylan’s dream of giving stateside soccer players access to the game’s best gear became a reality in the form of the Eurosport catalog. It first shipped with 24 pages of goods to a mailing list of 6,000 people.

From high school project to three full-time employees and a small 900-square foot office space in Durham, Mike’s idea had gone from grade school assignment to lifelong endeavor.

A new home & a new cause

Eurosport was proving to be a success, and some seven years later in 1991, the team had outgrown its humble space in Durham and sought an upgrade. Sports Endeavors would transition to their present-day location in Hillsborough in this year.

1991 proved to be eventful for more than just the move, however - it was during this time that the company stretched its reach into charitable endeavors. A small donation of lightly used soccer gear to a friend working overseas in the American Peace Corps gave way to an entire new branch of purpose for the business. A formalized structure would soon follow, along with a name - Passback. The Passback Program seeks to “pass back” new and lightly used soccer equipment to underserved communities and organizations in need.

Like Eurosport, Passback would grow, and in 2002 would partner with the U.S. Soccer Foundation to further expand its giving capabilities. To date, Passback has collected and redistributed more than 1.1 million pieces of gently-used cleats, balls and equipment to players in need around the globe.

Sports Endeavors Expands

In the 90s and 2000s, Sports Endeavors would continue to grow.

First, with the acquisition of Great Atlantic Lacrosse Company in 1994, which would later become lacrosse.com.

Next, with a merger between the Sports Endeavors family of brands and 365 Inc., home of both World Soccer Shop and World Rugby Shop.

Then in 2006, a new 200,000-square foot customer fulfillment center allowing for professional embroidery, silk screening and heat press customization was built down the road from our main office in Hillsborough. Mebane, North Carolina would be the new shipping location for all Sports Endeavors Brands.

Sports Endeavors Today

In 1984, the company had three full-time employees. Today there are more than 400 full-time staffers and over 300 part-time and seasonal workers. While the company has evolved and grown, Mike and Brendan are still at the helm and Sports Endeavors continues to be a team united by an unwavering dedication to service and a passion for sport.

“While we don't get into the starting lineup as often as we once did, we are as passionate as ever about promoting the sport and remain a business made up of players, diehard fans, and supporters just like you.”

- Mike & Brendan Moylan

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Our Values

We are powered by partnerships
Since 1984, we’ve built trusted relationships with people who share our belief in the power of sport. Together, we go above and beyond to deliver mutually beneficial results and grow the game.
We are playmakers
From our earliest catalogs to the online platforms we offer today, a culture of innovation, creativity and continual learning leads to experiences that exceed customer expectations.
We are many voices, but one team
Diversity of ideas, perspectives, skills and backgrounds makes our family-owned business more vibrant and resilient. We value healthy debate and encourage differences of opinion shared with empathy and respect.
We give back
Our commitment to community starts at home, by supporting local non-profit organizations and extends to national and international partnerships that promote inclusive access to the sports we all love. Partnerships with American Red Cross, Shelterbox, United Way, Habitat for Humanity and our very own Passback enable us to go beyond the pitch and make an impact for those that need it most.

In 1991, we started the Passback Program, an effort to provide new and lightly-used soccer equipment to underserved communities both stateside and around the world. In 2002, we partnered with the U.S. Soccer Foundation to expand that reach even further and to date Passback has collected and redistributed more than 1.1 million pieces of gently used cleats, balls and equipment to players in need around the globe.